Sport Brake Pads Pagid Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder

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" High-performance braking pads for Road & Track use "

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Pagid RS, RSL & RST pads have a much better coefficient of friction than OEM pads

They will really improve the braking of your car during your Track & Road trips


Pagid is one of the biggest name in the high-performance braking system; There knowledge developed in Endurance Racing allow them to develop Sport Pads for Porsche 


You will feel the power of a 30-years Automotive Competition experience for your brakes. Endurance, Road & Track, Rallye ... Every aspect of the Racing world has been improved by Pagid


Pagid's range is composed of 3 types of pads, so you can find the perfect fit for your use:


  • RS range: Sport Pads by nature, for a Road&Track use
  • RSL range: a more Endurant evolution of the RS’ one, perfect for a sustained sporty use
  • RST range: exclusively for Track use, the most sporty one


You can see on the linked graphs every aspect of each pads, to understand there advantages & weaknesses based on:

Friction Level + Bite + Fade Resistance + Pads & Discs life + Modulation


Pagid’s products are tested & approved in the hardest possible way on Track, to guaranty the best for your Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder


*NOTE: These pads don’t have road approval or any homologation for this use