M3 (F80) 

EVOX CARBON SuperSport Rear Spoiler BMW M3 (F80)

  • Material Gloss Coated Carbon

"extremely aggressive look "

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IPE Exhaust downpipe BMW M3 F8X

Power and torque gains that significantly improve engine efficiency and responsiveness

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Performance Pack "Stage 2" by EVOX BMW M3 (F80)

" Everything you need to enhance the performance of your Supercar "

2 465,10 €2 739,00 €-10 %Read more 

EVENTURI Carbon Air Intake for BMW M3 F80

  • Material Carbon
  • Power + 15-20 HP

Performance Gain: 18-23ft-lb

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KW Suspensions V4 CLUBSPORT Coilovers Kit for BMW M3 (F80)


" A track-focused Coilovers kit developped by the best engineers on the Nurburgring ..."

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EVOX Valvetronic Mufflers RACE BMW M3 (F80)

  • Pipe Size 2.75-4.35 "

" In Open position, your customized BMW M3 F80 will deliver a typical racing tone "

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EVENTURI Carbon Engine Cover for BMW M3 F80

Made from prepreg carbon fibre and kevlar

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KLINE Inconel Valve Exhaust System BMW M3 F80

  • Material Inconel

Give voice to your BMW M3 F80 with KLINE !!!

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KLINE Stainless Steel Valve Exhaust System BMW M3 F80


Give voice to your BMW M3 F80 with KLINE !!!   

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do88 Performance Intercooler for BMW M3 F8X

Eliminate the weaknesses of the original intercoolers to provide a large performance increase

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do88 Frontal Charge Radiator for BMW M2 Compétition / M3 / M4 F8X

"Lower post intercooler air temperature at same conditions"

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EVENTURI Charge Pipe in Carbon for BMW M3 F80

Eventuri has invested months of intense R&D in development and testing

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