M3 (E90-E92-E93) 

BMC Sport Air Filter BMW M3 E92-E93

" Give a second breath to your car "

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EVENTURI Carbon Air Intake for BMW M3 E9X

  • Material Carbon
  • Power = 8-10 HP

Performance Gain Dyno: 10-12ft-lb

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Big Pack do88 radiator for BMW M3 E90/E92 (Manual)

" The easiest way to deal with overheathing on track !"

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EVENTURI Carbon Ducts for BMW M3 E9X

The E9X M3 carbon ducts are a direct replacement for the OEM plastic ducts to give that final touch to the engine bay

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EVOX CARBON SuperSport Rear Spoiler BMW M3 E92

  • Material Gloss Coated Carbon

"extremely aggressive look "

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EVENTURI Carbon Airbox Cover for BMW M3 E9X

Made from prepreg carbon fibre and kevlar

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Power steering radiator Aluminium do88 for BMW M3 (E90-E92-E93)

  • Material Aluminium

"Improved reliability !"

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EVENTURI Carbon Plenum for BMW M3 E9X

the induction sound generated takes the M3 driving experience to a whole new level !

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IPE Exhaust System BMW M3 (E92)

  • Material Stainless Steel

" Extremely Loud and Comfortably Quiet become one with IPE "

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KW Suspensions V4 CLUBSPORT Coilovers Kit for BMW M3 (E90-E92-E93)


" A track-focused Coilovers kit developped by the best engineers on the Nurburgring ..."

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Sport Brake Pads Pagid BMW M3 (E92)

" High-performance braking pads for Road & Track use "

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Racing Side Charge Radiator (DRG/DCT) do88 for M3 (E90-E92-E93)

  • Material Aluminium

"Lower post intercooler air temperature at same conditions"

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