Big Pack do88 radiator for BMW M3 E90/E92 (Manual)


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" The easiest way to deal with overheathing on track !"

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This BigPack Radiators Kit is the ultimate weapon for your BMW M3 E9x !

Every parts are made from aeronautical-quality Aluminium and is a direct Plug&Play fit without modification


This is the best solution to prevent overheating issues and the risks that could happen because of it, especially on track



- M3 Engine Radiator:

14% bigger core volume, 11193 cm3 vs 9795 cm3
8% lower coolant temperature after the radiator at the same test conditions 73 °C vs. 79 °C! 
High efficient core with 6,3mm fin height of multi-louvered design.
Dual core design, 2 row 41mm core.
CNC machined quick-connections for the hoses.
CNC machined brackets for the radiator brackets and fan cover. 



- M3 Power Steering Radiator:

261 % bigger core volume, 1562 cm3 vs 432 cm3.
100 % greater active cooling area, 578,5 cm2 vs 288 cm2.
100 % larger oil volume, 200 ml vs 100 ml.


M3 Engine oil cooler:

69% bigger core volume, 5247 cm3 vs 3105 cm3.
59% bigger active cooling area , 7728 cm2 vs 4858 cm2.
19% lower oil temperature after the oil cooler compaired at same test conditions, 84°C vs. 103°C! 
13,9% higher oil volume in the actual oil cooler.



This is one of do88's finest products, which took time to develop, which clearly shows the fit, finish and performance.

It is the ultimate solution for those who suffer from overheated engine problems. With this great pack, the car can be used as it is intended!



BMW M3 E90/E92/E93
Model year: 2007-2013
Engine: S65B40, S65B44