Front Brake Discs Kit BREMBO Racing Porsche 997 MKI Carrera S/4S 3.8L (without ceramic)

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" A big increase of braking power for a better handling comparing to OEM "

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Will only fit Carrera S/4S 3.8L models 

BREMBO is one of the best and most famous brand specialized in the brake market for decades, wether it's for an OEM replacement or a competition use

Changing your OEM brake system will give you a better & safest feeling for your Porsche 997 MKI. This point is crucial when we talk about Supercar with such power, which can be use on track

Why do I need to change my brake system ?

OEM brake system become more and more efficient by the time the cars become more powerful from factory. But there is still some issues on some models that require a lot of attention from BREMBO to offer a better solution than OEM

The use of 2-parts discs, called "semi-floating", will reinforce your brake capacity & efficience. They are made from high-quality iron which can be either slotted or drilled with inner evacuation system; This particularity will evacuate the heat from the multiple braking session while reducing the fading and the water/components redisuals. Reducing the heat will also happened thanks to the use of an aluminium bowl, to save the state of your wheel bearings, suspensions ... and save the discs to be deformed on high heats.

Which disc type should I choose : Slotted ? Drilled ? Slotted "Type III" ?

Slotted discs will be useful during intense track session. They are stronger than Drilled discs over mechanic resistance, whereas the drilled discs will have a better heat evacuation

In any case, their brake efficiency will be the same between these two types. The only difference that occurs is about the "Type III" discs, which have a better braking bite thanks to the multiple slotted curves 

Brembo Racing Braking Kit is a direct-fit replacement in the OEM caliper. You can add Sport Pads that will increase your braking efficiency and durability with better materials:

- Pagid RSL29: Sport pads with high ceramic composition. Very strong bite & perfect endurance in intense use, perfect for track-day session

The Kit will comme with all accessories require for the installation for a simple replacement without any modification to prevent safety. 

WHEEL SIZE 330x34mm