DO88 Carbon Air Intake for Porsche 992 Carrera


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" Cold Air flow is maximized for a true performance gain "

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The world´s first model adapted air filter kit for Porsche 992 Carrera !

Upon launching the 992 generation, Porsche had already abandoned the naturally aspirated engine. From now on, all 911´s are turbocharged which makes this entry-level legend interesting also for the ones aiming for those bigger HP-numbers. Each car model comes with its own challenges and preconditions.

While the principle is the same as ever, the layout of the intercooler system is something entirely new on this platform compared to previous versions, and this also affects the air intake. Contrary to earlier versions, the 992 no longer has a common, united air filter for both turbo chargers. The air intake is still located in the decklid, now shared with the intercooler ambient duct, but the air filters themselves and their housings are located inside each rear fender, thus better shielded from the surrounding heat from the engine bay.

Looking at it from the side, this solution has more thought to it, but there´s absolutely room for improvement – we give you the do88 intake kit!

  • More air to your engine, less backpressure and better airflow! Airflow at 0,175 bar / 2,54 psi pressure drop: 1360-1554 CFM (1202 CFM), 25% higher

  • 3D-freeform designed air filter box made in CAD environment.

  • Vacuum infused, prepreg carbon for best finish and fitment.

  • Comes with high quality silicone hoses and accessories

  • Washable BMC cone filters with improved airflow

The entire air filter system is optimized for airflow and radiuses and angles are reworked many times to achieve the best result! The finished product is verified with both Computer Flow Dynamics (CFD) as well with DO88's Superflow SF1020 flowbench. All efforts are made to offer real and trustworthy data for you as a customer.

The do88 air intake kit is made from vacuum infused, prepreg carbon fiber of the finest quality. It comes with CNC-machined connections towards the turbo inlet hoses. To boost the airflow, the kit really takes advantage of the full space provided within the car´s structure. The carbon housings are made to accommodate a big, inverted cone filter from renowned BMC, featuring their finest filter media at hand. The intake kit is held in place by a stainless water jet cut bracket. The do88 intake kit replaces the entire OE air filter box and is a true performance upgrade !

Included in this kit are also custom silicone hoses made to ensure a perfect fitment towards the car´s air guides, shared with the intercoolers. This makes for a completely closed joint where no air can escape. The hoses come in a discrete, matte black finish.

DO88 is very proud of the performance upgrade this kit brings – especially on tuned cars demanding more oxygen, but an otherwise strictly unmodified car will also see improvements from the better airflow!

Porsche 992 Carrera / Carrera S / Carrera GTS 3.0L