EVOX SuperSport Paddle Shifter Extension "Type 1" for VOLKSWAGEN


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" A better handling for a better driving experience ... " (Please check vehicle fitting at the bottom)

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EVOX SuperSport Paddle shifter Extensions are a must for your Supercar


If you feel attached to the sportiness character of your car, you must be disappointed with the touch of your OEM paddle shifter 


Manufactures like Ferrari or Lamborghini offer a true F1-experience with large Paddle, but their neighbors didn't have the same idea and create something very useless for a proud VW owner  


EVOX SuperSport PaddleShifter Extensions will fill the gap of this use by offering you the best plug&play solution 


Aluminium CNC machined, Large Size, Sporty Design; everything is done to give you what you are missing on your car, and create a true sporty & racing driving experience


Either you put your hands on the Steering Wheel with the 9:15 or the 10:10 technic, either you are on a straight road or in a corner, either you are on a sporty drive or a calm cruising; EVOX SuperSport PaddleShifter will give you the perfect sensation and handling to maximise your driving pleasure


These Paddle Shifter Extensions are plug&play, fixed behind the OEM ones



VW MK7.5 Golf R / GTI / GTD / GTE / GLI

VW MK7 Golf R / GTI / GTD / GTE / GLI

VW Scirocco R Facelift (2014+)

VW Polo GTI Facelift (2014+)

All VW R-Line (2013+)

Material Aluminium