IPE Exhaust System Toyota Supra A90 3.0T

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" Extremely Loud and Comfortably Quiet become one with IPE "

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iPE is a time-tested, reliable producers of the highest quality Valvetronic product. Our craftsmanship and technological innovation are second to none. IPE are specialized in after-market high-performance exhaust systems for upscale model supercars. The mission is to provide you, the discerning consumer, with an advanced exhaust system that reflects your personal commitment to quality and reliability while making every one of your journeys an incredible experience.

Now, ask yourself, are you ready to experience the differences ?

Thanks to the precise craftsmanship of our valve controlled iPE Innotech exhaust system, more power and an unbelievable transformation of sound is reached. After installing our system, you can even feel a significant improvement in the handling of your vehicle, as a result of the weight reduction.

This legend - GR Supra MK V (A90) has coming, which replaces last MK4 engine to B58 from BMW which is a an exquisite high-performance car and has a brutal six-cylinder turbo power within it. When it refers to the sound, however, we felt was a little on the timid side, and did not reflect the potential of his B58 engine with passion, so we present the iPE exhaust set up for the real passionate car enthusiasts. 

The new exhaust system for A90 supra opens up entirely new worlds. Any passionate driver who looks for that extra-kick should consider refining his car with an exhaust of the new exhaust of iPE. As you are in sport driving mode, you can get more crackle sound when shifting down and up as well.

Valve Off: A quiet & comfort car, with a little sporty touch

Valve On: A unique “ F1 “ sound that makes your car with an extremely loud result

Auto Mode: the system detects the fuel pedal signal and adjusts the valve movements accordingly and automatically for a dynamic drive.

From the 4cyl. of the VW Golf GTI to the mighty V12 from Lamborghini & Ferrari, INNOTECH-IPE works to make your car feels alive. The result: the most insane et sporty sound ! Performances from your engine are totally unleashed, the power and the sound of your Supercar will be described as “absolut madness”  

Kit includes:

- Valve Muffler with MidPipe & FrontPipe , Chrome tips, OBDII control system

Options available (on request, with additionnal cost):

- Sport or Decat Catpipe, Titanium or Black or Carbon fiber tips

Material Stainless Steel