EVOX Valvetronic RACE Mufflers BMW M4 F82

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" In Open position, your customized BMW M4 F82 will deliver a typical racing tone "

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ValveTronic Mufflers BMW M4 F82 will provide you significantly higher weight, power and torque gains.

ValveTronic EVOX technology delivers unrivaled sound sensations that can be controlled with a two-level remote control:
-          In Open position, your customized M4 will deliver a typical racing tone while your emotional and adrenalin rushes will spread as fast as your tachometer pointer.
-          In Closed position, your M4 car is more sober and quiet. The metallic acoustic of the steel is discreet and elegant for a very comfortable daily use.
The Silent ValveTronic EVOX system designed for BMW M4 F82  and placed in open position delivers a hoarse, aggressive, metallic and captivating sound. Your BMW is deeply transformed.
The Silent Evox exhausts perfectly reach this exigency obviously required for these high-performance cars.
The turbo systems muffle and absorb most of the engine sound.This result is obtained by optimizing the dynamics of gas exhaust flows and by reducing the back pressure.
-          An incomparable character ;
-          A new emotional sound ;
-          And a deeply sensory experience.
EVOX exhaust systems are manufactured with a specific grade of stainless steel highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

Thanks to the latest 3D modeling technologies, each single piece of the optimized exhaust can replace the original one with an extremely precise accuracy.

- Remote Control + App Mobile included 

- Megaphone Exhaust Design for enhanced result

- Black Mat tips included (Carbon in option)

- Midpipe muffler + Front (secondary decat) are included

Pipe Size 2.75-4.35