Performance Pack "Stage 2" by EVOX BMW M4 (F82)

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" Everything you need to enhance the performance of your Supercar "

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The EVOX Performance Pack is the ultimate solution to optimize your BMW M4 (F82) engine at its best !

These parts are plu&play in replacement of OEM's ones and will allow you to enhance the bestiality of this N55 engine so it can deliver the most performance possible

This Performance Pack is composed of:

- MARSHAL Exhaust decat downpipe (Stainless steel; Ø76mm)

MARSHAL Downpipe will maximise the gaz flow from your turbocharged engine with no stop at the exit of the turbo, thanks to the decat version linked to the larger bore

- FTP Motorsport Boost + Charge Pipe Kit 

Replacing the OEM parts will prevent possible break & leaks from plastic hoses. Aluminium parts will reinforce everything and make a smoother & colder air flow

- DO88 Performance Intercooler

The DO88 intercooler ups the core volume of 85% with a much more efficient conception to reach some astonishing results: +16% Air flow, mid-range power gain of 25hp & 50Nm, up to 10°c cooler than OEM flat-out

- BMC Sport air Filter 

Qualified engineers using advanced software and expert technicians using the latest technologies produce BMC air filters. An F1 filter must be very light, must be made of the best raw materials and must improve performance of your car


- Performance Air Intake by DO88

  • +10 hp peak power gain!
  • +20 hp / + 40 Nm increase in the mid-range RPM!
  • 769CFM air flow at 0,025bar/0,36psi pressure drop (678 CFM), do88 13 % higher!
  • The BMC filters are regenerable for long life!
  • Improved intake sound! If even more intake sound is desired the system can be used without the lid on the air filter housing. This will in some conditions give higher intake air temperature.

An ECU remap will be necessary to prevent check-angine light and improve every aspect of your BMW thanks to the parts installed