WHEELFORCE Wheels WF CF.3-FF R "GLOSS STEEL" Ø20''/Ø21''/Ø22''

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A Deep Concave creation, to sublimate the width of your Supercar, available in Ø20''/Ø21''/Ø22''

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WHEELFORCE Wheels WF CF.3-FF R "GLOSS STEEL" Ø20''/Ø21''/Ø22''


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WHEELFORCE Wheels allow your Supercar to create a new Strong & Sporty identity ...


Based in Germany, WheelForce use their knowledges in the market added to precise engineering to create very unique monobloc Flowformed Wheels


The flowforming is a manufacturing process that creates forge-like properties, yet remains affordable. The difference to the ordinary cast wheel is enormous. There is up to 6kg weight between our designs and comparable casting dimensions. In addition, the FLOWFORMING technology enables us to produce our wheels with thin, sharp-edged spokes while ensuring a high payload of around 800KG per wheel:


The Flowforming starts with the highest quality materials after casting the surface blank. This is placed on a rotating mold and heated evenly during rotation. When heated, the spinning rollers come into play and “shape” the heated blank uniformly and precisely to its final shape. Spinning pulls, compresses, compacts and retains its full strength. This technic prevents air pockets in the material, noticeably minimizes voids and similar defects, and makes the rim much more resilient.


With a patented design, WHEELFORCE Wheels will deeply change the look of your Supercar with an agressive render. Due to the concave arrangement and the open look on the brake system, the design appears super-sporty and hungry. The wheels design is particularly Ultra concave in the “UC” and “XDC” marked sizes. The spokes run strongly concave towards the center and reach a depth of over 82mm – at 10.5J width. Details are thin & sharp, and stretched to the outer edge, to make it looks like a true Race-Car


About the WF CF.3-FF R Wheel:

- Available in Ø20''/Ø21''/Ø22'', Differents ET/Widths possible; BMW - MERCEDES - AUDI - VOLKSWAGEN - SEAT - SKODA


Available size:


- 5x112 - 10.5x20 - ET42 - 66.6 "XDC" (Extra Deep Concave)

- 5x112 - 9.5x20 - ET18 - 66.6 "XDC" (Extra Deep Concave)

- 5x112 - 10.5x20 - ET26 - 66.6 "UC" (Ultra Concave)

- 5x120 - 11x20 - ET32 - 72.6"UC" (Ultra Concave)

- 5x120 - 9.5x20 - ET16 - 72.6"UC" (Ultra Concave)


- 5X112 11.5x21 "UC +" (Ultra Concave Plus) M2/M3/M4 EDITION


- 5X112 11.0x22 "UC+" (Ultra Concave Plus) RS EDITION


All WHEELFORCE Wheels are under TÜV Approval certification. Wheels bolts & Center Caps are included


Equipment available to order +/- 2/3 weeks

WHEEL SIZE Ø20''/Ø21''/Ø22''